UBIS University of Business and International Studies

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Description & particularités

Ubis University

UBIS is centered in Geneva, Switzerland, arguably one of the most influential business capitals of the world. UBIS offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration and International Relations as well as Industry Specific Programs customized to the ever-changing marketplace. Our online as well as fast track specialized programs enable the brightest business minds of tomorrow to easily start their studies today. And the ability to receive a dual degree (US/Swiss) means our students can immediately stand apart.

UBIS currently enrolls students from about 40 different countries. Those dynamics create exclusive degrees and opportunities uniquely tailored to address the requirements of businesses and organizations for a globalized career. UBIS gives you the choice of physically studying in Geneva – the vibrant, global business capital – or to study online.

We’ve proud that our individualized, tailored curriculum and the flexibility with other occupations can be accommodated in such a friendly atmosphere. We strive in every aspect to elevate the value of our degrees so the name UBIS becomes synonymous with success on the global business stage.

Consultancy for your success

UBIS has a strong track record of offering corporate consultancy and customized solutions to address whatever project you may have in the most efficient, qualitative and creative way, while respecting your corporate values. Recent examples of our consulting have included the restructuring of the finance and administration division of a UN organization, support in the acquisition of a Japanese company and industry consolidation in a Southeast Asian country.

As a trusted partner, UBIS works with companies, first investing in the full understanding of the specific issue. We advise based on the key stages of the implementation process set up with the client.

Thanks to our network of highly experienced international experts and consultants, coming from a variety of international business sectors, our consultants will ensure the transformation of your project becomes reality and your success is clear at the end of your journey.

Customized solutions for the alignment of your people

UBIS and its pool of international expert facilitators have a vast amount of practical and hands-on experience in the international private and public environment. Which means there is a very strong chance that we have someone with us that knows your business well.

UBIS designs, develops and delivers totally tailor made, solution-oriented group workshops that address your specific requirements in a highly creative and interactive manner. The customized approach allows you to better achieve the measurable ROI you expect. UBIS also adapts existing workshop programs belonging to its industry specific curriculum. Your needs guide UBIS and their experts.

These group programs can also be supported by individual or group coaching sessions. Our experts will help you then to apply the learnings’ outcome concretely to your business environment.

A recent example of our customized solutions include the design and implementation of a cultural change program for the global sales force of a generic company recently bought by one World Top five pharmaceutical groups. This included rebuilding their company’s motivation and reinforcing their autonomy under the new ownership.

Another example was the delivery of a customized Management Level 1 training program for the entire supervisory staff of an international cosmetology company. If you have a unique need within your organization, we can craft a solution that will help transform it into the success you desire.


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