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Audit firmin Bellinzona

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Audit firm in Bellinzona: 25 Entries

Crossinvest Locarno SA

Piazza Grande 20, 6600 Locarno
Wealth managementFinancial adviceAudit firm

A new reality with over thirty years of history Crossinvest Locarno SAAn asset management company affiliated to the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers, founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Crossinvest group. We aim to serve more closely local and foreign clients in Switzerland, in particular German-speaking clients. Crossinvest Locarno SA enjoys specific in-house expertise and excellent services. Where required it also shares and relies on the extensive organisation and consolidated services of Crossinvest SA, which for thirty years has guaranteed its clients with the best quality standards in compliance with FINMA regulations. Crossinvest Locarno SA overlooks the Piazza Grande, in the heart of Locarno, and employs a staff of 9 professionals with a cumulative experience of more than 160 years in the sector. A history of achievementsMore than three decades after the founding of Crossinvest SA, with the birth of Crossinvest Locarno SA in 2017, the group continues to pursue its objectives, such as continuity, asset protection and sustainable growth. Crossinvest SA is a member of ASG, the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, and ASWM, the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers. Crossinvest Locarno SA takes an important strategic step to better serve local and foreign clients in Switzerland, particularly German and German-speaking clients. 1985Birth of Crossinvest SA. From this year on, our aim has been to combine tradition and experience to serve our customers with the precision and attention typical of "Made in Switzerland". 2007The turning point. The relationship with FINMA begins; the company is authorised to operate as an asset manager of collective investment schemes. 2011A partnership in Milan. Crossinvest's subsidiary Crossfid SpA is born, a static trustee also able to assist clients on international regulatory issues. 2012A way to invest more effectively: the Luxembourg-based Crossfund Sicav platform is created. 2013A real commitment. The management of Crossinvest SA joins the company's shareholders. 2014The consolidation of the risk management unit. Given the specific know-how developed over the years, we offer third-party companies the opportunity to use our services and advice. 2015A new service. Founding of Cube8 SA, a strategic advisory firm for extraordinary finance and M&A transactions. 2017Birth of Crossinvest Locarno SA. An important strategic step to better serve local and foreign clients in Switzerland, particularly German and German-speaking clients. 2018Next Family Wealth, a family office service offering support to control family wealth. 2020Creation of Crossinvest Zürich AG. A strong desire to open up to the Swiss financial capital. A new meeting opportunity for an international clientele. Essential elementsCrossinvest Locarno SA shares and promotes the cornerstones of the corporate culture of the Crossinvest group. Independence, reliability, competence and attention to relationships are values rooted in time, guiding both our everyday actions and strategic decisions. Our job is pure passion, always on the customer’s side Crossinvest Locarno SA’s offering focuses on wealth management. In order to guarantee comprehensive and quality financial advice, the company also offers family office and mortgage management services as well as external partnerships with trusted professionals. Asset management https://www.crossinvest-locarno.ch/en/skills/#1 Family Office https://www.crossinvest-locarno.ch/en/skills/#2 Mortgage management https://www.crossinvest-locarno.ch/en/skills/#3 External partnerships https://www.crossinvest-locarno.ch/en/skills/#4

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