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Expertise in Lausanne: 353 Entries

Attica Immobilier Sàrl

Avenue d'Ouchy 66, 1006 Lausanne
Property managementReal EstateAppraisalsPromotionsReal estate agentExpertiseReal estate brokers and agencies
Enhance what is coveted in real estate!

Attica Immobilier aims to use its expertise developed over 20 years in the marketing of private and institutional real estate, project management in transformation and renovation as well as in home staging and interior decoration. Our services REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE Who says family, says experience! ATTICA Immobilier is not only a brokerage agency but it is above all a family story, from father to son. Beyond the experience and skills required by the field of the real estate profession, an effective broker is above all a human being endowed with empathy and many ethical values. A history built tirelessly over the past 40 years, earning the trust and invaluable satisfaction of our customers. YIELD PROPERTY BROKERAGE There are as many investments as there are investors. All are not equal, and above all, do not aim for the same objectives. Whether you are looking to create a heritage or to develop it, the choice of real estate is strategic. ATTICA Immobilier, accompanies you through the many steps and offers you its analysis of the attractiveness of the property as well as its expertise acquired during its years of life and this until today. THE VALUATION OF A PROPERTY The valuation of your land or your property is a long process. This requires knowing how to take the time to consider all possible options. This consists of the development of a project, its financing and this until its marketing or rental. It is therefore essential to be closely accompanied on this path and to listen to your wishes so that you can make the best choice. PROMOTION - CONSTRUCTION Skills - Experiences - Partners - Trust and above all Passion! Real estate development is a matter of Being. ATTICA Promotions is also the search to think of living space differently. The quality of materials, finishes, coupled with aesthetic values, in natural, beautiful and generous environments. ATTICA Promotions tirelessly perfects its projects by creating naturally contemporary living spaces. Design must defy time! In addition to all these equally important roles, real estate development is above all a complete mission of assistance in the realization of projects. In town, in the mountains, in Switzerland or elsewhere, we are here to help you make your dreams come true.

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