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Acupuncture TCM in Lugano

14 Entries

dr.ssa med. Stamm Anja

Via Pietro Capelli 10, 6900 Lugano
Acupuncture TCMOrthopaedic surgeryOzone therapyDoctors

Medical Doctor Dr. med. Anja Stamm Specialist in Orthopaedic Medicine (Specialist in Ortopaedic surgery and traumatology, FMH) Education required: Doctor of Medicine and specialization In Ortopedic (non- surgical and surginal tratments) in an hospital curriculum of General Surgery and Ortopedic Surgery for a period of 5 - 6 years, following by an final examen in this specialization. FURTHER MEDICAL SPECIALIZATIONS of Dr. med. Anja STAMM: UNIVERSITY MASTER DEGREE in OZONE THERAPY (University of PAVIA IT) EXPERT in ACUPUNCTURE and TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (ASA - DIPLOM FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS) EXPERT MANUAL MEDICINE (SAMM CH): (Specialization for Medical Doctors using e.g. chirurpractic and or osteopatic manipulations (medical techniques ) for tendons pain, muscles pain, join mobillization ecc. to relieve pain, to improve movements of the neck, back, shoulders, arm, hand, fingers, knee, foot ecc.) Via Capelli 10 CH 6900 Lugano Tel: 0041 91 649 83 30 Rembursement for our Medical Treatments by the BASIC - Assurance (LaMal) or if you prefer by the Complementary Assurance (maybe if you have e hight franchise.) Our treatments: Pain or problems of the muscoloskeletal system, trauma, degenerative diseases, sport injuries ecc. Ozone - treatment Connecting my specilization in Ortopedics and my University Master - Degree in Ozone - therapies, ozone terapy will be aaplied for the following diseases: prolaps of the disc (in the upper (cervical) back, in the lower (lombar) back, cervical pain, arthritis, pain of the scapola, pain at the base of the head/neck, pain of the shoulders, pain in the hand, pain in the fingers, tennis elbow, pain in the ligaments, tendo pain, pain in tendon behind knee, wrist pain, pain in bones, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, menicus pain, anterior cruciate ligaments tears, scoliosis, congenital diseses, hip pain, fott ankle, spine, spinal stenosis, achilles tendon injuries, foot and ankle iniuries, fibromyalgie, rheumatoid arthritis, hand arthritis, knee arthristis, finger arthritis, rheuma traetment. ACUPUNCTURE and TRADITIONAL CINESE MEDICINE beeing Medical Doctor and a Specialist in Ortopedic -Medicine, the treatments of ACUPUNCTUR an TRADITIONAL CINESE MEDICINE are rembursed (paid) by the SWISS the General (Basic/LaMal) ASSURANCE. ACUPUNCTURE - TREATMENTS FOR: Insommia, anxiety, stress, depression, pain attacs, mood swings, nausea, haedache, migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder pain, tingling in the hands, vertigo, tinnitus, ringing in the ear, stomach cramps, stomach pain, refux, gastritis, costipation, premestrual pain, mestrual pain, hot flashes with menopause, jaw pain, trigemninus pain, arthritis, pain in the scapola, hand pain, foot pain, knee pain,colitis, rhinitis, sinisitis, asthma, bronchitis, immune system support, improve immune systeme, colds, tonsilitis, cystitis, fetal malpositioning, coniunctivitis,neuropathy, nerve pain, child wishe, infertility, obesity, metabolic syndrome, metabolic stress, smoking cessation, quitting smoking, smokefree, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, swollen legs, diabetes, ecc.

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